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Nighthawks: The Film

LGBTQ+, Suspense, Mystery, Found Family, Thriller, Drama

Who are the Nighthawks

Nighthawks centers around an outcast group of filmmaking students who call themselves, “Nighthawks.” When they aren’t busy filming their latest project, or getting into fights with toxic fraternity houses, they’re busy investigating spooky things that seem to occur regularly in the small town of Callaway, North Carolina. When students start disappearing at their university, the Nighthawks investigate. They discover their quaint town of Callaway is steeped in dark lore, corrupt professors, and a land that refuses to let go and always comes with a price. 

Cassette Tape

More About the Project

Screenwriter and director, Kayla Borg (she/they), recognized a need for more LGBTQ positive representation in the YA indie-horror genre. Tired of the “bury your gays” trope, they decided to write the story they, not only would have loved, but needed when they were a developing teen and young adult. 


Filming to begin the summer of 2024.

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Harper Helstrom (Kenna McQuown, she/her): the leader of the Nighthawks. Warm, charismatic, and friendly, she keeps everyone together. She is trying to find out what happened to her sister 10 years prior. She will do anything for her friends. She’s adventurous and always the first to dive head first into anything.



Jamie Roth (Kayla Borg, she/they): she left Callaway University under mysterious circumstances. Headstrong, intelligent Jamie doesn’t really let anyone in. Especially after the film department blamed her for the shutdown of the film program. Gritty and fiery.



Eli Parks (Jess Byard, they/he): the creator of the Nighthawks’ podcast. Eli is the one who de-escalates and brings logic to an otherwise chaotic group. Eli is trans. He is Harper’s best friend. The basement room he’s renting is often the hang-out place for the group. 


Sarah Emmerson (Ty Montgomery, she/her): likes to think of herself as the “bouncer” of the Nighthawks. Sarah is hypervigilant of outsiders and is often suspicious of anyone that might hurt the group. Sarah left the film program and became a history major with a film minor.


Det. Leyna Truman (Nikki Iatarola, she/her): a disgraced police detective who will do anything to find out why students keep going missing in Callaway.


Emily Helstrom (Meredith Bunch Prokuski, she/her): Harper and Beth’s mom. She’s determined to keep her family’s legacy alive, despite a daughter who disappeared and another one that she calls “wayward.” 


Beth Helstrom (Charisma Hopkins she/her): Harper’s older sister. Beth is 10-11 years older than Harper. Beth went missing in 2002. Beth is a bit of a detective and was hot on the trail of Callaway’s mysterious disappearances when she disappeared herself. 


Dr. Henry McLean (Bryan O'Conner): a professor who is at the center of an investigation at the university. The former director of the film program at Callaway State.

Chad Sell.jpg

David Nathans (Chad Sell): Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member, doesn't want his fraternity to find out about his love life and is the sole survivor of a supernatural attack on his group of friends. He starts experiencing strange symptoms after the attack.


Dr. Lucy Whittaker (JaimeLynn McGaughey): An English professor that gets sucked into the dark underbelly of Callaway, and must make important decisions on where her loyalties are as she approaches tenure. 


Trevor Moore (Preston Pujol): David Nathan’s (secret) boyfriend. A member of Pi Kappa Alpha. Calm, centered, warm. 

Actively casting for the following roles...

CATE PORTER: (20s/30s) - Harper's ex-girlfriend, acting major, apprehensive, tenacious 

ANDREW HELSTROM: (40-50, white) – Harper and Beth’s father. He’s softer than Emily. He tries to soften what Emily says. Is often pulled away in grief from the loss of his eldest daughter. 

DARYL JACKSON: (20s/30s, open ethnicity) – a campus tour guide who befriends Beth. He believes there is a conspiracy within Callaway University about the students that go missing.

TYLER COVINGTON: (20s/30s, open ethnicity) – a Pi Kappa Alpha frat boy. 

BRENT SMITH: (20s/30s, white) – buzzed hair, the leader of a group of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity boys. Extremely aggressive, short-tempered.

How to Audition



  • Attach a headshot (jpeg or png format)

  •  Please submit a recorded audition (mp4) completed with the page provided to you in a subsequent email. 



Please send your submissions to this email address by June 15, 2024.

I'm not an actor, but I'd like to get involved...

Every movie needs a film crew and extra hands! If you’re interested in volunteering to be a part of the crew or just an extra pair of helping hands where needed, please contact

LGBTQ rep is underdeveloped and underfunded...

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The Nighthawks Visions Production Team

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Kayla Borg, Screenwriter/Director/Actor


The Nighthawks Visions Production Team is made up of a bunch of artists, creators, and nerds that share a passion for storytelling, folklore, and horror, and together have a broad and varied skill set that includes film making, screenwriting, directing, digital marketing, and sword swinging.


Melissa McGaughey Producer/Concept Artist/Web Developer/Marketer

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Blair Hoyle,

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